Childcare and work/life programs have not only proved successful investment in employees, but an investment in the success of companies. It has been a pleasure for us to announce that Catco Kids Daycare centers have successfully enabled companies to reduce their turnover rates, absenteeism, and increase productivity on the job.

Catco Kids has created a bench Mark for establishment of quality childcare system in Pakistan; through development of workable SOP’s, development & implementation of training programs, creation of corporate & community childcare programs & advocacy.

Catco Kids has significantly and worthily contributed to both socio and economic development of women in Pakistan. It not only provides opportunities to women for “earning & employment” but also establishes daycares centers to cater the daily needs of children by providing “Quality childcare”, and helping their parents earn a living. In order to establishing a National framework of quality childcare services, Catco Kids has played a vital role by leading the following:

  • Developed “GUIDELINES AND STANDARDS FOR DAY CARE CENTRES” that have been adopted by Punjab Government officially and till now 65 daycare centers are already established in Punjab, based on these standards.
  • In collaboration with International Labor Organization (ILO), Catco Kids lead a “Focus Group Discussion” on ROI , Socio Economic and Legal Driving Forces Affecting the Establishment of Company Childcare Centers” in 2011, with various other stake holders (Employers Federation, Workers Federation, Ministry of Labor, Ministry of Women’s Development, Trade Association and Private Sector Companies etc). As a result, various significant findings and recommendations were developed :

    1) Create awareness on current legislation covering employer to provide childcare facility at workplace.
    2) Identification on key factors impacting decision making for establishing onsite childcare centers by companies.
    3) Identification of key invectives to promote establishment of childcare centers by companies.
    4) Identification of more stakeholders for establishment of working group to create a “National Childcare Framework”.